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In a Violent World: What Do We Tell Our Children?
posted on: July 23, 2014
posted by: Naples Alliance for Children

Violence in today’s world runs the gamut from bullying to war to murder, and finds fertile ground in television programs, movies, videos, and superhero games, where it’s gussied up and glamorized. Violence is all around us, and it’s taking its toll on children.

According to former teacher and child-development expert Dr. James Garbarino, exposure to violence in any form leaves many young children feeling scared, hopeless, and unsafe — even in their own homes. Others develop a pattern of aggressive behavior or carry a burden of discomfort that weighs heavily on their young minds.

Scholastic Offers a Guide to help children understand violence and find ways to live with greater peace.

The National Association of School Psychologists offers other useful information.



Summer Camps and Overnight Visits
posted on: July 19, 2014
posted by: Naples Alliance for Children

Parents should be aware that summer camps and recreational programs may not be licensed or regulated and their staff screening process limited.  Before enrolling your child check the philosophy, age spread, group size and adult-child ratio of the program.   There should be an adult supervisor in each group.  It is important that you check the program with an unannounced visit.  A parent’s evaluation list for quality programs is available in the free NAFC Child Care and After School Programs Directory. SEARCH www.napleschild.org  or CALL NAFC, 239-649-5260 or The Early Learning Coalition, Collier County, 239-213-1137 for information.

Preparing for your child’s first “away form home” experience is important if that experience is going to be a positive one.

  • Talking with children about homesickness before camp starts is a good first step.  Parents can try to help their children understand that feeling homesick is very natural and that physical activity, making new friends and letter writing help help them from becoming sad and experience the nervous emotions that are part of homesickness.
  • Before your youngster departs for sleep-away camp (or any other sleep-away experience), it’s a good idea to arrange shorter separations.
Attending camp can be an unforgettable experience for young children, and it can have a positive effect on their psychological development, self esteem and independence.