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Violence: It’s a Game for Kids
posted on: August 19, 2015
posted by: Naples Alliance for Children

Violence in today’s world runs the gamut from bullying to war to murder, and finds fertile ground in television programs, movies, videos, and superhero games, where it’s gussied up and glamorized. Violence is all around us, and it’s taking its toll on children.


According to former teacher and child-development expert Dr. James Garbarino, exposure to violence in any form leaves many young children feeling scared, hopeless, and unsafe — even in their own homes. Others develop a pattern of aggressive behavior or carry a burden of discomfort that weighs heavily on their young minds.

The National Association of School Psychologists offers useful information.

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Should I Put My Unruly Child in Time Out?
posted on: August 01, 2015
posted by: Naples Alliance for Children



“My neighbor told me I should put my child in Time Out.  It doesn’t work.  Am I a bad parent?”

Two rules of parenting seem to get undue emphasis by some child behavior experts. First, parents are supposed to withdraw their attention and put their child in “time out” for negative behavior.

But what about giving positive reinforcement for the good stuff, a pat on the head, a hug, a smile, sitting close, in other words, “time in” for just being a kid.

images-17Second, being a good parent has been taken to mean being an expert at verbal communication and being a kid is supposed to mean taking a parent’s words to heart. Nonsense, night time monsters are chased off bedroom walls by parent’s presence, not by their explanations.  A sense of right and wrong is taught not by talking about it, but by example. Genuine pleasure in rolling a ball back and forth with your child says, “I love you” in nonverbal language; that carries truer meaning. So forget the negative. The more “Time – in” and the fewer words, the better.

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