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Time to Start: School & Preventive Medicine for Your Child
posted on: July 20, 2015
posted by: Naples Alliance for Children


Children new to Collier County’s School System are now registering for next school year. (CLICK RED) Those children are required to have a physical examination and required immunizations. Why wait until you are required to take care of your children’s medical needs?

The time to start preventive medicine is before your child is born. Quality prenatal care is the most significant predictor of healthy birth. Women who receive late or no prenatal care are three times more likely to have a low birthweight infant as mothers who received routine care.

Help is available to provide expectant mothers good prenatal care and children immunizations and examinations. You can not afford to wait. If you need financial assistance call the Collier County Public Health Unit, 774-8200. Private physicians are listed in your telephone directory. For further assistance call the Collier County Medical Society, 261-6560.

For a complete list of preventive health information before and after you child is born contact Naples Alliance for Children. 

Naples Alliance for Children is Your Naviation & Guide as you seek information and resources you need.  Visit www.napleschild.orgCall 239-649-5260. E-mail info@napleschild.org.  Watch: 5:00 pm; Education Channel 99.



Sharks & Other Water Dangers
posted on: July 13, 2015
posted by: Naples Alliance for Children

Recent news has centered on sharks in our waters. According to data compiled by the International Shark Attack File reports that in 2914 Florida again had most 54% of the unprovoked attacks in the United States. The 2014 total of 28 Florida bites was higher than the 2013 total of 23.

While shark attacks are to be prevented (Click Here), parents need to realize that the greater danger is the water, not the creatures that make the water their home. Studies from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, conclude that infants are most likely to drown in bathtubs, toddlers are most likely to drown in swimming pools, and older children and adolescents are most likely to drown in freshwater (rivers, lakes, ponds). Authors conclude that there is a need for a multifaceted approach to drowning prevention.

Swimming Classes and Related Local Contacts:

  • Safe & Healthy Children Coalition of Collier County ,
  • YMCA of Collier County: 239-598-5158
  • City of Naples Community Services Department at 213-7120,
  • Collier County Parks and Recreation at 353-7128.
  • Contact Naples Alliance for Children at 649-5260 or www.napleschild.org, for a list of other providers.
  • For Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) classes call American Red Cross at 596-6868, Collier County EMS at 434-5160 or NCH Health Care System, Education Department at 436-5487. 
  • Search other Water Safety Programs on this site. 


Click More: American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations: